6 Types of Cookies treats you likely have never heard

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1. Senbei
Japanese senbei can be either exquisite or sweet, and are loaded down with anything from wasabi to chocolate. Rice flour is the key to these lunch time enticements.

2. Rosemary Pine Nut Treats
Angelenos have run to Pizza shop Mozza since its opening almost 10 years prior, and cafes keep on filling the tables for gourmet specialist Nancy Silverton’s rosemary pine nut treats presented with a butterscotch budino.

3. Finska Pinnar
Cake flour makes these Swedish Christmas treats additional light and humble, while sprinkles of sugar gems and squashed almonds give them a crunch ideal for St Nick.

4. Macarons
Sensitive macarons come in each flavor under the sun, from thick, dim chocolate coffee to fragile lavender Baron Dark tea. Serious macaron trackers search out uncommon ones like sugar coated bacon, cilantro and even durian organic product.

5. Fertilizer Treats
Oats, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, potato chips and coffee beans sent off the Milk Bar domain in New York and Washington, however you can make your own at home

6. Nut cake Treats
Poor people, misconstrued nut cake is changed when prepared in treat structure; delicate dates, candy-coated pineapple, cherries, walnuts what not.

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