Amazon pipes cash to 9 political race deniers — after present January 6 vow on quit backing them

Amazon funnels money to 9 election deniers


On Wednesday, Gizmodo revealed that web-based retail monster Amazon has unobtrusively started continuing commitments to conservatives who deny the authenticity of the 2020 official political race — in spite of their vow directly following the January 6 assault on the U.S. Legislative center that they wouldn’t do so going ahead.

“Last year, in a public stand following January sixth, Amazon vowed to stop corporate PAC commitments to lawmakers attempted to upset the consequences of the 2020 political race,” revealed Lauren Leffer. “‘Given the unsuitable endeavor to sabotage a genuine majority rule process, the Amazon PAC has suspended commitments to any Individual from Congress who casted a ballot to supersede the consequences of the US Official political decision,’ the organization composed back in January 2021. Amazon made that commitment alongside numerous other tech leviathans.”

“In any case, presently, the organization has unobtrusively re-began channeling cash to political race denying House individuals,” said the report. “Amazon’s political activity advisory group sent somewhere around $17,500 absolute to nine unique such GOP Agents in the period of September, as first detailed by Judd Legum on his news site Famous Data.”

“It’s actually quite significant that, in any event, during the alleged ‘suspension’ Amazon’s corporate lobbyists funded constantly political decision deniers,” noticed the report. “Thus, it hazy advantage the activity genuinely had on crusade funds or the soundness of U.S. a majority rules government.”

Legum has gone through the last year following organizations that broke their promise not to add to political decision denying conservatives. He has uncovered gifts to political race deniers by various organizations that vowed not to stop those commitments, including American Express, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, General Electric, Trademark, Home Station, Mastercard, Verizon, and Walgreens, among numerous others.


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