An Affogato Is The Ideal Frozen yogurt Treat For Espresso Darlings

An Affogato Is The Perfect Ice Cream Treat For Coffee Lovers

Calling all espresso darlings: This is the best treat for you. An affogato is a basic Italian sweet — just coffee poured over a scoop of gelato — yet once in a while the simplest things require the most scrupulousness. The following are a couple of key guidelines to remember for the ideal affogato:

Begin cold. An unmistakable drinking glass is an unquestionable requirement (you need everyone’s eyes on the pour) and ensure it’s freezing cold. Indeed, even a 15-minute stretch in the cooler will keep the gelato from transforming into a puddle excessively fast. (Ensure your gelato is really cold as well!)

About the proportion. Affogato signifies “suffocated” in Italian, however truly you need enough gelato to keep things more dessert than soup. A fix of coffee is around 2 tablespoons, so 2 scoops of gelato will be sufficient to keep it over the fluid line. The ideal nibble will have some cold gelato and a pool of warm coffee on the spoon.

Garnishes discretionary. A little amaretto adds a great deal of flavor, as do chocolate shavings. Squashed biscotti give a decent crunch, yet these are absolutely discretionary. Indeed, even the coffee can be traded out, on the off chance that you don’t possess an at-home coffee machine. Simply mix some areas of strength for extra and measure out 2 tablespoons to pour over.

The last gulp. Your prize, after this cautious thought and exertion, comes when all the gelato has been gathered up and you’re left with a pool of tan, rich coffee. Thump it back and appreciate the experience. You deserve it!

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Yields: 1 serving

Planning Time: 5 mins

Absolute Time: 5 mins


  • 2scoops vanilla gelato (or flavor of choice)
  • 1shot espresso or 2 tbsp. strong brewed coffee
  • Splash of amaretto, crushed biscotti, or shaved chocolate, for topping (optional)


  1. Scoop gelato into a chilled glass. Pour espresso in a slow stream over gelato. Add a splash of amaretto and a sprinkle of biscotti and chocolate, if using. Serve immediately.

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