Andres Brugal Is Just Delivering 50 Containers of Its New Super Premium Rum in the US

Andres Brugal is the limited edition spirits releases no longer belong solely to the whiskey world

Andres Brugal

Intriguing, restricted version spirits delivers never again have a place exclusively with the bourbon world. As a matter of fact, there are a few rum articulations that opponent matured single malts with regards to cost and shortage, similar to the new delivery from Dominican brand Brugal.

There are just 460 containers of Andres Brugal (named after the organizer) accessible around the world, with only 50 showing up at specialty retailers in the US with a SRP of $2,800 each. Fifth-age maestra ronera Jassil Villanueva Quintana is the lady behind this top of the line discharge, which as per the brand was made in one single group. It’s a mix of two twofold matured rums which invested energy in both first-fill American oak whiskey barrels and Oloroso sherry containers. “This restricted release packaging is an excursion that began once again 100 years back,” expressed Quintana in a proclamation. “Andrés Brugal consolidates unique single barrel family holds and our particular twofold maturing strategy to recount a double story of my family’s tradition of rum making, as well as my own as maestra ronera.”

Official tasting notes for this rum remember cacao and espresso for the sense of taste, trailed by dulce de leche, vanilla, oak, ready berries, peppercorn and cloves. “Quintessentially Dominican flavors consolidate to make an unprecedented fluid of amazing person that pushes the limits of revelation,” said Quintana. “With a hint of pleasantness on the button and a balanced, dependable mouthfeel, this full-bodied rum is a genuine festival of the unmistakable kinds of Puerto Plata.” not surprisingly, such a rarified delivery arrives in a container to coordinate. The fluid is encased in a hand-blown gem decanter that is housed inside a presentation bureau intended to bring out heading out cases used to ship uncommon rums previously.

Andres Brugal shows up at a second where other intriguing rums articulations are stirring things up around town telling costs more connected with bourbon. Ongoing models incorporate Mount Gay Expert Blender Assortment: Madeira Barrel, Angostura Apex and Appleton Bequest Ruby Commemoration Release. In the event that you figure out how to get your hands on a container of Andres Brugal, recall you can drink it some way you please — yet perhaps utilize that jug of Bacardi Silver to make a Rum and Coke all things considered.

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