Comic Leslie Jordan, known for “Will and Effortlessness,” bites the dust at 67

Comedian Leslie Jordan, known for “Will & Grace,” dies at 67

Comedian Leslie Jordan, known for "Will & Grace," dies at 67
Comedian Leslie Jordan, known for “Will & Grace,” dies at 67

Jokester Leslie Jordan, generally known for his parts in “Will and Beauty” and “American Harrowing tale,” kicked the bucket on Monday at age 67. Jordan’s accomplice and a delegate affirmed his demise to CBS News.

Jordan had all the earmarks of being engaged with an auto collision in Los Angeles on Monday including a BMW; photos showed a vehicle having collided with the side of a structure. As per DMV records, the vehicle engaged with the accident was rented to Jordan.

Policing up a white tent at the accident site and said the driver passed on at the scene. It was not quickly clear if Jordan passed on because of the accident or in light of a health related crisis, CBS Los Angeles detailed.

The world is certainly a lot more obscure spot today without the affection and light of Leslie Jordan,” a delegate from his ability organization told CBS News in a proclamation. “In addition to the fact that he was a uber ability and happiness to work with, yet he gave a close to home safe-haven to the country at quite possibly of its most troublesome time.”

“What he needed level he compensated for in liberality and significance as a child, sibling, craftsman, comic, accomplice and person,” his delegate added. “Realizing that he has left the world at the level of the two his expert and individual life is the main comfort one can have today.”

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