Nobal Prize winner Ernaux called the award a ‘very great honour’ and ‘a great responsibility’

Ernaux feels Happy

French creator Annie Ernaux, known for her beguilingly basic books drawing on private experience of class and orientation, has been reported as the champ of the Nobel Prize in writing.

Ernaux was respected “for the boldness and clinical keenness with which she reveals the roots, alienation and aggregate limitations of individual memory”, the jury at the Swedish Foundation in Stockholm said.

Talked with on Swedish TV following the declaration, Ernaux, 82, considered it a “exceptionally significant privilege” and “an extraordinary obligation”.

Her in excess of 20 books, a large number of which have been school texts in France for a really long time, offer one of the most unpretentious, sagacious windows into the public activity of current France.

The award conveys a money grant of 10 million Swedish kronor (almost $900,000), which will be distributed on December 10. The cash comes from an endowment left by the award’s maker, Swedish creator Alfred Nobel, in 1895.

One clear competitor for the writing prize this year was Salman Rushdie, the India-conceived author and free-discourse advocate who went through years in concealing after Iran’s then-preeminent pioneer, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, brought for his passing over his 1988 novel, The Sinister Sections.

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