Tiffany and Chucky

– Her death in Bride of Chucky was an idea originally for Maggie's death in the first film.

– Tiffany's car in Bride of Chucky is a 1960 Pontiac.

– The handgun Tiffany uses is a nickel Bruni ME-8 police.

– According to Jennifer Tilly, the doll sex scene with Tiffany and Chucky was all improvised.

– When Tiffany's pet tarantula Charlotte lands on Damien's face, a CGI spider was used.

– Tiffany also says to Damian are you ready for a "ménage a trois" which he doesn't know what that is basically it means in French "threesome".

– Jennifer Tilly's limousine is a 1998 Lincoln Town Car Stretched Limousine. 1998 is the same year where Bride of Chucky was released on.